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Epigrafic Section

Epigrafic Section - Studies editors epigraphic

rof. dr hab. Joachim Zdrenka Head of Unit

The Epigraphic Section of the Institute of History of Zielona Góra University was established in 2001. It is run by professor Joachim Zdrenka. Other scholars include Adam Górski, Paweł Karp and Marceli Tureczek. The research aims of the section include collection, photographic documentation and analysis of inscriptions from the area of mid-western Poland.

dr Paweł Karp

Paweł Karp is a member of a research team working on the project: 'Inscriptions in Mid-Western Poland'. He is a co-author of the second book of the 10th volume of Corpus Inscriptionum Polaniae - Wschowa District (Toruń, 2007). His academic interests include history of the Middle Ages, history of the art of war from the Middle Ages to modern times and political history of the 20th century.